TinyPass Developer's Resources

Tinypass for Developers

Tinypass is a simple, flexible tool that allows publishers to manage access to their premium content without changing their site’s existing structure.

Our flexible platform can be used to monetize your digital content in a way that makes sense for your site and your audience. Charge for access to one piece of content or an entire section, set prices as low as two-cents, and easily adjust your approach based on audience response.

Not a developer? Not a problem! Check out our Publisher Guide for a non-technical overview of getting Tinypass up and running on your site today.

How it Works

You can deploy Tinypass in one of three ways:

  • JavaScript: Our JavaScript plugin allows you to configure paywall options via a graphical user interface. Once finished, simply copy and paste a snippet of JavaScript into the head tag of your page in order to get up and running.
  • WordPress Plugin: If you're using WordPress, our WordPress plugin offers the ability to paywall posts directly from your WordPress dashboard.
  • API for Developers: Dive into the API to unlock Tinypass's most powerful features.

API Features

The Tinypass API can be used in dozens of different ways to build a monetization plan that’s right for your audience. The following approaches highlight some of the most powerful features of our API:

  • A La Carte Access and Bundles: Charge for an article, a video, an issue, an area of your site, a subscription, or a downloadable file.
  • Time-based Access: Create hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly premium access passes.
  • Multiple Price Options: Offer your users multiple price options for different access periods.
  • Metered Browsing: Specify a certain amount of access that is allowed before visitors are prompted to pay.
  • Custom Pricing: Or “pay what you want”. Let your users pay any price above a specified minimum price.
  • Price Windowing: Move from pay to free (to charge for your newest content) or free to pay (to charge for archives) automatically.
  • Upgrades/upsell: Charge for the high-definition version of your content, or for an ad-free version.
  • Split Pay: Automatically handle splitting paid content revenue with contributors or affiliates.
  • Recurring Billing: Allow recurring billing for 1 week or 1 month.
  • Currencies: Display localized currencies to your customers

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