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Split Pay

The Split Pay feature is a solution for sharing revenue from a Tinypass transaction. This allows a publisher using Tinypass to split a percentage of specific purchases with another party.

For example, let's say you are a news site and you pay individual writers for their content. You want to pay the writer of a particular article 10% of the sales of their article. You would do the following:

$po = new TPPriceOption("1","1 day");

PriceOption po = new PriceOption("1","1 day");

var po = new PriceOption("1","1 day");

price_option = Tinypass::PriceOption.new('1', '1 day')
price_option.add_split_pay('writer@email.com', '10%')

It's that simple, and we take care of the rest. The writer will receive an email asking them to create a Tinypass account, at which time they will be able to see and track their earnings.