TinyPass Developer's Resources

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Following are the latest stable releases of the Tinypass API and CMS Plugins.

Tinypass Libraries

Lang Download Link Date Dependencies Notes
Java tinypass-java-2.0.9.jar Feb 2014 json-simple +1.1 Java
PHP tinypass-php-sdk-2.1.0.zip June 2014 PHP 5.2+, mcrypt, mbstring PHP
C-Sharp tinypass-net-sdk-2.0.6.zip Feb 2014 .NET +3.5 NET
Ruby tinypass-1.0.1.gem April 2014 JSON Ruby

CMS Plugins

CMS Download Link Dependencies
Wordpress http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/tinypass/ PHP 5.2+: mcrypt, mbstring
Wordpress 3.0+